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At Plasan Carbon Composites we believe in continual growth and development. Our goal is to consistently offer job opportunities first internally before seeking outside resources.

Plasan has developed four Career Paths for the workforce and encourages employees to explore opportunities under Leadership, Engineering and Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Quality career paths. Our Training and Development Center, Carbon U, offers a calendar of training modules anyone may choose to take. Employees may elect voluntary paid training to supplement their skills and equip them for the next job opportunity.

Plasan partners with a variety of learning institutions to provide both on-site and external targeted training programs inclusive of Lean, Executive Management, and Core Leadership.

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Career Opportunities

Production Associates

Production Operations team members are continuously encouraged to grow and develop both technical and interpersonal skills. Employees participate in numerous training opportunities from Lean, to formal Skill Development to Leadership. Successful tam members are serious about making a valued contribution every day, enjoy and thrive on engagement, participate in training and inclusion opportunities and may take part in community involvement initiatives. We post promotional opportunities and encourage internal promotions.

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Support Services

Key to successful operations of the company Finance, HR, Supply Chain and IT are valued business partners. Roles in support departments are critical in keeping our customer commitments and valued relationships. In addition to traditional roles and responsibilities, team members from all departments are given the opportunity to participate on cross-functional teams with direct input to operations optimization. Each department offers its own unique flavor to our culture. Opportunities may require specific experience or may be open to perspective employees starting new careers.

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Plasan is an innovative technically driven company and Engineering is at the heart of what we do. We partner with targeted colleges and institutions to provide opportunities for our future Engineering staff. If you are driven by technical exploration and application or by opportunities to participate on Advanced Engineering teams we invite you to explore open positions.

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Plasan is quality driven and Quality team members are key business partners with Operations and Engineering. As a Tier-1, A-surface parts provider quality is key to everything we do.

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Plasan balances internal promotions with on-boarding new talent to grow our Leadership team resources. In addition to responsibilities associated with various leadership positions, our leaders drive a culture based on innovation, leadership, collaboration and respect.

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Commercial Sales

Sales and Business Development house a team that possess the right technical expertise, analytical and solution development skills. Opportunities in this area require candidates that enjoy a fast-paced, results oriented environment with the ability to quickly assess, prioritize and execute.

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